Friday, July 20, 2018

Teaching the ART of Jewelry Design

For over twelve years now CJ Bauschka, (me) has had the awesome opportunity to share my love for the art of bead weaving and jewelry design.  Over these past twelve years I've met and enjoyed working with a variety of people and personalities.  Some of my students pick-up stitches quickly, while others need more attention. It's amazing to work with all these differences.  To adapt to the learning styles and the creativity of some, and the lack of creativity of others.  Some students have a natural eye for color and design, while other students want step by step instructions.  Thankfully the way I've taught over the years has given each student the freedom to work at their own pace, working on the style and type of jewelry they prefer.  My class is called Bead Therapy and it has proven to be a place where we can come together and share our love for beading and also encourage each other. We share our lives like a little family.  I truly am blessed by all those who have been a part of these beady adventures over the years. I'm excited for future students to join us. 
If you live near or around Adrian, Michigan come join us at Hobby Lobby 1357 S Main Street.
Classes are on Monday's by appointment 11am-2pm
Wednesday's 11am-2pm and Saturday's by appointment 11am-2pm
cost: $20.00  supplies are not included.  Contact CJ @
Come and get started on creating that perfect gift for any occasion.