Monday, April 21, 2014

 Bead Soup #8 Blog Hop, Hosted By Lori Anderson of Pretty Things
Bead Soup inspired by Cory Tompkins my wonderful partner!!!
Amazing kettle of lovely soup objects
such as:
Cory's beautiful Tealwater Designs
hand crafted polymer clay beads
Very lovely, very unique,very me!!!
Cory pushed my mind in a different direction, as I'm so a seed beader
But I realized that because of my style of teaching
I have a much broader view of what people like
My visions for such amazing pieces are getting me so outside of
My very tiny, very narrow, very limited box!!!
Thank-you Cory Tomkins!!!

Cory sent me some adorable little critters
as she called them
An Owl (he's Purple) yeah!
and a fat little birdie (also Purple) yeah!!!
Oh what fun I'm having!!!!
Can't wait for the reveal

I'm on a C R E A T I V E ROLL!!!!


  1. Cory is my dear friend! :) Isn't she lovely? And she's an amazing artist, too! I love her beautiful clay art beads. What a gorgeous soup she sent you! Have fun creating. I can't wait to see what you both make!


    1. Thanks so much Rita, I am so excited to get to our reveal date. Cory is amazing!!! She has inspired me to get back to my polymer clay classes. my students just drooled over her work. I'm excited to see if I challenged her a little.